[REF ONLY 紀錄參考用] SP-001 | Xmas Pack 聖誕福袋

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  • 定價 HKD99,999.00
內含稅金。 結帳時計算運費


For reference and record only, any orders from this page are invalid.


*The pack will be sent out in Early December. 12月初旬寄出~*

Xmas Pack (Wrapped)

Pack Includes:

  • 3-4 Random Postcards/collection cards
  • 1 Sticker
  • 1-2 Badges
  • 2-3 Previous or Never-released Freebies (Stickers/Mini-cards/Postcards/etc.)
  • Signed Xmas Card (Sorry Vyn and Luke only ><)

Some of the lucky ones might receive an acrylic keychain!

(You can check the current product list for a rough idea of what will be included.)

Varieties available:

1) Artem Pack
2) Luke Pack
3) Marius Pack 
4) Vyn Pack
5) NXX (All four of the NXX members will be included in the package)


聖誕福袋 (禮包包裝)


  • 3-4 張隨機明信片
  • 1張貼紙
  • 1-2個徽章
  • 2-3 款前期/未派發過的滿贈(貼紙/小卡/明信片等等)
  • 親簽聖誕明信片(抱歉只有莫弈跟夏彥⋯⋯)




1) 左然福袋
2) 夏彥福袋
3) 陸景和福袋
4) 莫弈福袋
5) NXX福袋 (就四位型男的商品隨機放進福袋裡)