Terms & Conditions 條款

非商業委託 Personal Commissions

*商業委託請直接電郵至 ruriswhite@gmail.com 洽談*

For commercial commissions please contact via email (ruriswhite@gmail.com) directly, thank you!*


Terms & Conditions 條款  

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  • 請提供人設/服飾/配件等圖片資料才能開始估價喔。
  • 委託圖片規格:沒有標明一律3000px x 3000 px  內; 150 dpi
  • 草稿~完稿合計可修改3次。其後每次修改需要加5%費用。(不適用於驚喜包,驚喜包不修改。)
  • 流程:【收全款】→【(隨機,非一定有)人設參考圖】→【草稿】→【線稿+底色稿】→【最終稿】



  • 沒交稿限期,會盡量於委託開始後2-3個月內完成。(委託開始後代表我開始繪製人設圖/草稿的意思,並非付款確定日。)如有交稿期限可於委託時提出討論。
  • 可隨時詢問進度,請勿催稿 ><
  • 原則上先付款會先排單先繪製,因個人習慣,有機會同時進行數個委託。




  • 【付款方式】香港:FPS/Payme;香港以外:Paypal (港幣單子,需另付Paypal手續費;或者使用美金價格)
  • 委託需要先付全額再進行繪製。(比較高的金額可以額外討論訂金問題。)
  • 委託開始後(交付人設參考圖/草稿開始後)不可退款,請審慎下單~



  • 繪師(我)擁有著作權,並可以以任何形式(網路,印刷,做成作品集)發表。如不想公開,可以先聯繫討論。
  • 請勿自行剪裁圖片,更改顏色等。(可自行加裝飾濾鏡/做成頭像)
  • 發佈圖片時需標明繪師名字(@ruriswhite)。
  • 此委託僅供個人觀賞用,如需要印刷(300dpi),做成同人或商用等可來信(電郵:ruriswhite@gmail.com)商討~
  • 繪師繪製給委託人確認風格的人設圖和服裝設計圖(如有)僅限於繪製這次委託使用,如需要拿去他用需要跟我聯繫商討附加費用。
  • 我有權拒絕任何超出能力範圍外的稿子。




(email: ruriswhite@gmail.com)




  • 帥哥
  • 美女
  • 可愛女生男生
  • 情侶



  • R18
  • 獸人
  • 其他我不畫的><







Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully before commissioning me, thank you!


Commission Info:

  • Please provide detailed and clear picture of the characters/outfits/accessories so that I can provide the quotation to you.
  • If it's not specified on the item page, all illustrations would be in 3000px x 3000px (150dpi)
  • You can revise up to 3 times in total during the draft - final illustration period. After that, each revision would cost 5% of the total commission price. (Not applicable to the surprised pack, no revision can be done for that.)
  • Process: [full payment] -> [(optional, depends on whether I think there is a need for that) character sheet] -> [sketch] -> [lineart+base color wip] -> [final illustration]



  • NO DEADLINES. I will try to deliver the commision within 2-3 months once I have started the sketch or the character sheet. If you have any deadlines please discuss beforehand. Urgent fee might be applied.
  • You can check the progress with me anytime.
  • First pay, first served. Please understand that I might be working on serveral commissions at once based on my drawing habits.




  • International:Paypal via invoice ONLY. Prices are in USD.
  • 100% Payment before start.
  • No refund or return after the commission started (i.e. after I have started to draw the character sheet or sketch).


Important (MUST READ!):

  • Me, the ARTIST, reserve the rights of the commission piece, and I could publish it in any forms (e.g. social media, or printed as portfolio). If you don't want the commission to be published, we can discuss beforehand and fees may apply.
  • Please don't crop, edit or reproduce the illustration. (Adding mild filters and decorations are allowed, you can check with me before adding them.)
  • Please credit me (@ruriswhite) when you publish your commission.
  • For personal use and recommended to view on your device only. If you want to print it in a higher quality (300dpi), or sell as goods or for commercial use, please discuss with me via email (ruriswhite@gmail.com).
  • For the character sheets and the outfit design provided by me (if any), it's for this commission exclusively. If you would like to use it for other purpose, please discuss with me and fees may apply.
  • I have the rights to decline any commissions.


Please feel free to email me if you got any questions~!

(email: ruriswhite@gmail.com)



Will Draw:

  • Otome Guy
  • Otome Girl
  • Cute Boys and Girls
  • Couples


Will NOT Draw:

  • NSFW
  • Gore
  • Or anythings I will not draw ><


Thank you!!!