Shipping policy

Shipping + orders 郵送安排

COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to slower shipping times, please expect delays in delivery. We appreciate your patience! 



About Delivery Fee and Time: 運費+運送時間




關於運送時間,請參考此網址。 *因Covid-19航班送達日或會有延遲,請見諒。


All merchandise is shipped from Japan via the International ePacket. You can check here for the postal fee.

For the price of shipping, you can enter your address on the checkout page. You won't be charged until you officially checkout.

For the delivery days, please refer to here. *Due to Covid-19, please expect a delay in delivery. Thank you for your understanding.

Delivery Location (COVID related; last update 22 December 2021):

Due to COVID-19 there are limited services to several countries, if you got any doubts on whether your locations fall under one of those countries, you can check the list over here.

For US/Australia/Canada residents, unfortunately Japan only support surface mail or EMS for small packets (which our goods fall under those categories),

please choose your delivery method from the checkout page if you would like to use EMS or I could keep the goods for you after payment (Delivery cost could be charged afterwards).

If you prefer I keep the goods for you: - I am not sure when could I send out the goods via registered airmail as the COVID situation is unclear. Of course you can change to surface/EMS afterwards if you have changed your mind.

If you prefer the non-tracking method (aka surface mail), please note that I could not provide any refunds or sending any goods for compensations in case the goods are lost. Please send a request to me via email and I will handle the delivery fee manually for you.

Just feel free to drop me an email at in case you got any questions. We can definitely figure a way out :)

You can also check the details from the JP Post official site over here.


我有其他疑問!!Other questions:


我可不可以不要掛號啊?  I don't want my orders sent via registered mail.


To make sure your order will be traced and reached your side safely, we will only send out all orders via International ePacket or EMS at the moment.


我什麼時候才會收到我的商品?When will my order dispatch?


We will send out all purchases placed before Wednesday on Friday. Otherwise, they will be sent out on next Friday.


You can trace your package via the link attached in your purchase mail.


你們會付我關稅嗎? What about the import dueties/charges/tax in our Customs?


Please beware the above charges might be applied to your order upon receipt. These prices are not included in the item price/shipping cost. 






我填錯了地址,但商品已經送出了⋯⋯ I have provided the wrong address! Please help!



If your order has been sent out already, please note the delivery charges would not be refunded. We can resend the order to you once it's returned to us while you need to pay for the delivery fee.


If you order is still with us, please drop me an email ( and I will fix it for you!