MT011- 週年盛宴 未定事件簿 | 1st Anniversary Tears of Themis

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*Will be dispatched by the beginning of Nov 2023 via International Registered Airmail.*


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盛宴套裝  (Set A)  - 明信片 + 角色單色塗鴉 1P

盛寵套裝  (Set B) - Set A 四角色全套 + 拍攝花絮單色漫畫最少1P (預定……覺得1P不夠畫XD


青金明信片 -  148mm * 100mm

塗鴉 - A5 



Anniversary Set (Set A)  - Postcard + Monotone Character Doodle 1P

Full Set  (Set B) - Set A for the four + Behind the Scene Monotone Comic min. 1P (tbc; I think I need a few more pages for that)


Gold Finishing Postcard -  148mm * 100mm

Doddle page - A5

Printed in Japan.