MT010- A |(單購/Single Character) 粉紅泡泡 - 未定事件簿 | Love in the Air - Tear of Themis

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*Will be dispatched by the beginning of Nov 2023 via International Registered Airmail.*同人-未定事件簿/products/mt010-套裝-fullset-粉紅泡泡-未定事件簿-love-in-the-air-tear-of-themist?variant=41421535248546

*本頁為單購 (Set A, C, E) 頁面,需要購買套裝的請按上面的連結*

*This is the page for purchases of individual characters  (Set A, C, E)  of all members. For full set please visit the above link.*


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貼紙套裝  (Set A)  - 角色貼紙 (同柄 2枚入) 

紀念卡單抽套裝 (Set C) - 雙面紀念卡 (1枚入) + 單色透明回憶紀念框

紀念卡盲盒 (Set E) -  (隨機)雙面紀念卡 (1枚入) + 單色透明回憶紀念框  + 明信片


珠光明信片 -  148mm * 100mm

透明貼紙 -  120mm * 90mm

雙面珠光紀念卡 - 70mm * 50mm

透明紀念框 PP - 70mm * 50mm




Sticker Set (Set A)  -  2 stickers for the same character

Memorial Card Set (Set C) - Memorial Card  + Monotone Photo Frame

One Pull for the Memorial Card (Set E) -  Random Memorial Card  + Monotone Photo Frame + Postcard


Postcard -  148mm * 100mm

Clear Stickers -  120mm * 90mm

Double Side Memorial Card - 70mm * 50mm

PP Photo Frame - 70mm * 50mm

Printed in Japan.