[2021 Q4 GIFT] 2021 Q4 禮物專區 閱覽用 DO NOT PURCHASE

  • 銷售額
  • 定價 HKD9,999,999.00
內含稅金。 結帳時計算運費


***Showcase only. Please don't purchase.***


*6 Feb Update


角色隨機;Random Characters only~~ 




Ex 購物滿HKD100 -

可以選 (1) 2張陸景和  或 (2) 1張夏彥 + 1 張陸景和



Ex  2021Q4LJH x 1 ; 2021Q4ZR x 1

*Not for Sale*




X'mas mini-cards.

1 character per card for each purchase = HKD50.
You can choose the same/different characters within one single purchase which is above HKD100.

For example:

- For HKD100 purchase:

You can order  - /2 Artem Cards/ OR / 1 Artem + 1 Vyn Card/ etc.

Please let me know the card type you want in the remarks column during checkout. Thanks for your understanding.


Ex  2021Q4LJH x 1 ; 2021Q4ZR x 1 

*Not for Sale*

Printed in Japan.